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As my daughter’s wedding approaches, and I see the care with which she and her fiancé choose their music, I am reminded how music is directly connected to our emotions.

Music can stir men to battle, soothe a baby to sleep, arouse passion, unite us in patriotism, make us dance, make us happy, make us sad, recall mamories, send people into trances, help us focus, stimulate dreams, motivate, send us to another time or place, build images … It seems there is nothing that music cannot do. It invades our souls, plays with our emotions, weaving through our lives leaving marks, and marking milestones.

I have also been exploring images for music. I’ve loved every moment of it. Here are some of the results:

Music, happy pieces of heart

Music Sets My Heart On Fire

Music Sets Fire To My Soul

Music Is A Whirlwind of Emotions

And a calligram I have published before, but is relevant in this context:

Lost In The Music


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My gallery of original artwork is now continually updated as a page. This page can be found as a tab at the very top of the page above the banner, along with “About Me” and “about Spinal Cord Injuries” (since February 2012). It’s much more iinteresting than either of these. Please check it out.

Here is my artwork posted til then:

Welcome to my gallery of original artwork, calligrams. The word calligram means “beautiful writing”, probably because the letters and words are arranged into an image. It is sometimes called concrete poetry. I prefer to describe it as visual poetry. From most recent:

Calligram – The Beginning of Love

Calligram – Reach For THe Sky

Calligram – Music Breaks My Heart

Calligram – Music Sets Fire To Your Soul

Calligram – Music Sets My Heart On Fire

Calligram – Life Is A Gift

I Am What I Think And Do

Calligram – Just Another Dream

Just Another Dream

Calligram – I Dream Therefore I Am:

I Am What I Think And Do

Calligram – Lost in the music:

Calligram – One more for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Rose

Calligrams – For Valentine Day:

Heart On Fire

For Valentine Day

What Is Love

Calligram – The Sweet Sleep – Anastheasia

Sweet Sleep – Anastheasia

Calligram – Adversity, Forging Steel In Great Heat

A Christmas Calligram

Calligram – Blood Diamond

Calligram – Blow Your Own Trumpet

Calligram – Bubbles

Calligram – Let Your Heart Sing

Calligram – Reach High, Dream Deep

Calligrams – Destiny
The next two are meant to be viewed together as one work:

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Edith Piaf sang “Non, je ne regrette rien” (No, I regret nothing at all, or No, I’m not sorry for anything) with passion, as a personal statement of courage and faith in her future. She sang it, not in desperation, but as an affirmation of hope, of courage and life. The final line she sang is: “Je repars à zero” (I’m starting again from zero).

I have always loved this song, stirred by the conviction and strength with which Piaf sings.  Circumstances, of our own making or out of our control, too easily allow us to  become mired in guilt, regret, and self pity.  Yet Piaf rose above her tragedies. At the time when Piaf performed this song her health was rapidly failing.  She had gained enormous fame, even infamy, and had many detractors who were highly critical of her lifestyle. Piaf had had a tragic childhood, and after a serious injury had became addicted to alcohol and morphine.  She had been divorced, had lovers, remarried. If you listen to the song in the context of Piaf’s life, the words come to acquire a new dimension of meaning. They become her affirmation of the way in which she lived her life, embracing her choices, mistakes, and whatever life threw at her, good and bad.

No, No Regrets

No! No regrets

No! I will have no regrets

All the things

That went wrong

For at last I have learned to be strong

No! No regrets

No! I will have no regrets

For the grief doesn’t last

It is gone

I’ve forgotten the past

And the memories I had

I no longer desire

Both the good and the bad

I have flung in a fire

All of us make mistakes. Some of us dwell on those events, allowing the regret and the remorse to taint our lives forever. Guilt is destructive, but it takes courage to move on. Someone said “Owning your story is hard, but not as hard as spending your life running from it.”

As a mother I know I have made mistakes nurturing my children. Been impatient, shouted instead of listening, said the wrong thing that has hurt rather than healed, been overwhelmed by tiredness and made poor decisions. As a wife I have put my interests before those of my husband. As a friend I have carelessly let time pass and overlooked opportunities to support. But every day is a new opportunity to start again.

When I injured my spinal cord I spent months in hospital. I was unable to celebrate my sons’ birthday. I was unable to hug my sons and daughter when they were sad or needed a mother’s love. And when I returned home I used all my energy to look after myself, leaving my family to muddle on as best they could. I chose to go skiing that day when I broke my back. It was my choice that impacted on everyone around me. Yet if I had let that guilt consume me, I would have taken even more from them. Sure, I wish  sometimes that things had been different. I’m sure my family wishes that things had been different too. I hope they don’t resent my choices too much. Because that resentment will eat them up.

I don’t resent the decisions made by others that day – the ski instructor who was with me, the manager of the ski field who opened the field in atrocious conditions. I accept the choices I made then, and every day I make new choices … to exercise or not, to talk to friends or not, to write or not, to do something special for someone or not.

Every day is a new day, an opportunity for a new beginning, faith in the future.  Be strong; move forward; have no regrets.

“Je ne regrette rien”

Edith Piaf

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