“War Brides”

I read an article called “Sylvia’s Story” in the Sunday Star Times April 17, 2011. It was about the thousands of women, war brides, who sailed to New Zealand after World War two to join their husbands who were New Zealand servicemen. It got me thinking that something extraordinary happened in New Zealand in the … More “War Brides”

“Labelled – I Am A “Middle Class Conformist Redneck””

Strange how when you take a look at an issue it suddenly seems to pop up elsewhere.  Just a few days after I wrote “Labels are for jars not people” I read that architect Russel Walden has described me and my neighbours as “middle- class conformist rednecks” (Oh, Futuna Your Weekend March 12 2011) because … More “Labelled – I Am A “Middle Class Conformist Redneck””

“Labels Are For Jars, Not People”

The use of labels to describe someone has irked me for some time. I would variously describe myself as womanly, paraplaegic, mother, christian, feminist, humanist, able … the list has changed over the years and I expect will change again.  Some labels seem to be mutually exclusive. Priorities change. Meanings change over time. Perceptions change. … More “Labels Are For Jars, Not People”

“A Diamond Is Merely A Lump Of Coal That Did Well Under The Pressure”

Every now and then my daughter sends me something that she has read or heard that she thinks I’ll appreciate. I love this quote she sent me last week. I love it for several reasons: Reason#1   It’s a very powerful image, expressed succinctly and beautifully. Hmmm … diamonds … beautiful, light defracting gems that … More “A Diamond Is Merely A Lump Of Coal That Did Well Under The Pressure”