Wired To Walk

Since I first tried walking by electronically stimulating dorsi-flexion and a little knee and hip flexion (see Bionic Woman)in my mostly paralysed left leg, I’ve made amazing progress. Particularly given that I have a spinal cord injury at T7/T8 and I was told I’d never walk … I had been using a dictus to lift … More Wired To Walk

Quick And Dirty

My son asked me on Monday evening if I was going to write about the day’s happenings. “Are you going going to write about today?” He asked. “I don’t think anybody wants to know,” I replied, surprised he’d even thought I might want to, and even more surprised that he thinks someone might want to … More Quick And Dirty

Electrical Implants Enable Paraplaegic To Walk

The Dompost ran an extraordinary article in Saturday’s paper (Saturday 21 may 2011) “Paralysed man takes first faltering steps” The case was originally published in “the Lancet”, a reputable medical journal. The man had a spinal cord injury at chest level and had become paralyzed five years ago. It appears from the article that electrodes … More Electrical Implants Enable Paraplaegic To Walk

Bionic Woman!

This afternoon I was wired in every sense of the word! This is a milestone, no doubt about it. With electrodes strategically placed on my left leg I was able to achieve a relatively normal gait … No hitching, no going up on my toes to lift my right leg up high to swing the … More Bionic Woman!

“I’m A Loose Woman, Thanks To Botox!”

Yesterday I was injected with botox – quads, hamstrings, and now adductors. Most people think wrinkles and facial smoothing when Botox is mentioned. In fact, botox was first used medically over thirty years ago to treat eye muscle disorders. It’s also used medically to correct wry neck, and more recently to reduce severe muscle stiffness … More “I’m A Loose Woman, Thanks To Botox!”