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After writing the post about the link between managing spasm and improving walking, I continued thinking about how important it is to never, never give up. No matter the obstacles, challenges, frustrations, fears never give up. I had this image in my head of enormous blocks that are seemingly unsurmountable …

Never, Never Give Up


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I was inspired and uplifted when I heard someone special to me say (I paraphrase) how wonderful it is for someone to see you as you really are, yet love you anyway.

I have been looking for some way of expressing this:

I had arrived at this after experimenting with:

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As my daughter’s wedding approaches, and I see the care with which she and her fiancĂ© choose their music, I am reminded how music is directly connected to our emotions.

Music can stir men to battle, soothe a baby to sleep, arouse passion, unite us in patriotism, make us dance, make us happy, make us sad, recall mamories, send people into trances, help us focus, stimulate dreams, motivate, send us to another time or place, build images … It seems there is nothing that music cannot do. It invades our souls, plays with our emotions, weaving through our lives leaving marks, and marking milestones.

I have also been exploring images for music. I’ve loved every moment of it. Here are some of the results:

Music, happy pieces of heart

Music Sets My Heart On Fire

Music Sets Fire To My Soul

Music Is A Whirlwind of Emotions

And a calligram I have published before, but is relevant in this context:

Lost In The Music

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Art And Drawing Apps

I’ve been playing with various drawing apps. Using these programmes is addictive and fun. Here are a few examples:

Beach Tussock

Beach Tussock 2


Wild Grass

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A friend remarked, as he picked up an iPod, that his grandmother would refuse to believe that a thing so tiny could possibly hold thousands of songs.

It started me thinking how extraordinary the playing of recorded music has become. It’s the stuff of Science Fiction, except no Science Fiction writer predicted the storage of vast tracks of music in such a portable device, and that the quality of the music would be superb.

It isn’t long ago that we were astounded by the amount of music stored on a CD, and that a CD player could be carried so easily, although there was the problem of jumping tracks as a portable player moved. I still have a CD player in my car.
The CD superseded the Walkman, and that was less than ten years ago!

I don’t have an iPod because I doubt I could walk well with my crutches if I was listening to music through ear plugs. Also, I hate having things in my ears. ( Now, if someone could come up with a way to listen to music through the bone behind the ear …)

When I’m at home, which is quite a lot of the time, I listen to music through iTunes. Fantastic! A quality sound through a home theatre system (bought for listening to music, not watching movies) that enables me listen to anything from Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto to the Rolling Stones “Angie”.

And that’s when I get “lost in the music”. With thousands of pieces of music to choose from, I vacillate instead of just clicking the mouse and letting the music seep out, spill out, rock out, or boom out I get lost in the playlist … Do I feel like listening to Cat Stevens, Johnny Cash, Mick Jagger, Joan Baez, Mozart, Beethoven, Mussorgsky … Do I want to listen to protest music from the sixties, or do I want to listen to country music, or classical. The library is organised into categories, but sometimes the mix in the categories doesn’t suit. Then more questions …Do I want to buy music from the Internet, or own a CD?

I’m lost in all the possibilities.

But, once I’ve found the music for the moment, then I’m reminded of the true meaning of “lost in the music”. There is no sense of time or space, just the emotional response to something primal. Music moves me. It moves me to joy, sadness, wonder. Music fills me up. Music speaks to my soul.I’m lost in the music …

Lost In The Music

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My gallery of original artwork is now continually updated as a page. This page can be found as a tab at the very top of the page above the banner, along with “About Me” and “about Spinal Cord Injuries” (since February 2012). It’s much more iinteresting than either of these. Please check it out.

Here is my artwork posted til then:

Welcome to my gallery of original artwork, calligrams. The word calligram means “beautiful writing”, probably because the letters and words are arranged into an image. It is sometimes called concrete poetry. I prefer to describe it as visual poetry. From most recent:

Calligram – The Beginning of Love

Calligram – Reach For THe Sky

Calligram – Music Breaks My Heart

Calligram – Music Sets Fire To Your Soul

Calligram – Music Sets My Heart On Fire

Calligram – Life Is A Gift

I Am What I Think And Do

Calligram – Just Another Dream

Just Another Dream

Calligram – I Dream Therefore I Am:

I Am What I Think And Do

Calligram – Lost in the music:

Calligram – One more for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Rose

Calligrams – For Valentine Day:

Heart On Fire

For Valentine Day

What Is Love

Calligram – The Sweet Sleep – Anastheasia

Sweet Sleep – Anastheasia

Calligram – Adversity, Forging Steel In Great Heat

A Christmas Calligram

Calligram – Blood Diamond

Calligram – Blow Your Own Trumpet

Calligram – Bubbles

Calligram – Let Your Heart Sing

Calligram – Reach High, Dream Deep

Calligrams – Destiny
The next two are meant to be viewed together as one work:

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