Italy – Luca

Thursday 6 September The wall around Luca is still complete and there are few gates through which we can drive to reach a car park. Rather than drive around the city looking for the name of the gate we should use, Peter relies on the satnav. It takes us into the ZTL and the city … More Italy – Luca

Italy – Florence

Monday 3 September From San Gimignano we drive to Florence through heavy rain. We are on a secondary road, but it is a highway yet it is narrow and winding as they are in New Zealand. They are not well cambered so the water lies on the road, which is flooded especially in fast lane! … More Italy – Florence

Italy – Siena

Sunday 2 September Sienna! We park in the il Campo building,  just inside the ZTL area because it’s supposed to be only a short walk to the Campo. It seems ok to walk and not take the wheelchair. The distances between attractions in Siena are small, and it turns out that the parking building is … More Italy – Siena

Tivoli – Hadrian’s Villa – Villa d’Este

Tivoli – Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este  Wednesday 29 August I’m so excited!  Villa Adriana sprawls over the area of ten football fields. In the second century Hadrian built his “villa” as a pleasure palace for him and his young lover.  It’s amazing how much remains and how much is still being excavated. At the … More Tivoli – Hadrian’s Villa – Villa d’Este