Stretching and Spasm – A Revelation

OR: FINALLY, A MEDICAL EXPLANATION HOW THIS INCOMPLETE PARAPLAEGIC’S WALKING CONTINUES TO IMPROVE I came across an article from the University of Washington that blew my mind. I am excited, delighted and vindicated. Some highlights: Spasm caused by spinal cord injury can prevent voluntary movement of weak muscles. Sounds pretty simple. Except it’s not. Spasm … More Stretching and Spasm – A Revelation

Wired To Walk

Since I first tried walking by electronically stimulating dorsi-flexion and a little knee and hip flexion (see Bionic Woman)in my mostly paralysed left leg, I’ve made amazing progress. Particularly given that I have a spinal cord injury at T7/T8 and I was told I’d never walk … I had been using a dictus to lift … More Wired To Walk

Bionic Woman!

This afternoon I was wired in every sense of the word! This is a milestone, no doubt about it. With electrodes strategically placed on my left leg I was able to achieve a relatively normal gait … No hitching, no going up on my toes to lift my right leg up high to swing the … More Bionic Woman!