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Making Decisions

“Whenever we need to make a very important decision, it is best to trust to impulse, to passion, because reason usually tries to remove us from our dream, saying that the time is not yet ┬áright. Reason is afraid of defeat, but intuition enjoys life and its challenges.” Paulo Coelho

I may have a few big decisions to make soon. Whether circumstances require me to make these decisions or not, it is timely to be reminded of the importance of intuition.  Reasoning our way through decisions may be comfortable, but without passion where is the drive to achieve, to fly, to dream?



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Take a risk

“The boat is safest when in port, but that is not what boats were built for” – The Diary Of A Magus” Paulo Coelho

A useful reminder that to live fulfilling lives, to reach our potential, to be invigorated, to feel all those emotions that we’re capable of, so we can look back and have no regrets we have to take risks. Then we have to be committed to that path we have chosen, no matter how risky it becomes. It’s like the skier at the top of the mountain. She has to commit to that first first turn, no matter the anxiety or fear, then commit to every turn; the reward is excitement, exhileration, a rush of adrenalin and the certainty that anything is possible.


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