Travel Is A Bug

More than a week after returning from Europe I still feel as if I’ve lost something, but I’m not sure what. Perhaps it’s the stimulation of doing something new and interesting every day. Perhaps it’s the company 24/7 of someone who shares my new interests in art history and architecture, who enables me to explore … More Travel Is A Bug

“Labelled – I Am A “Middle Class Conformist Redneck””

Strange how when you take a look at an issue it suddenly seems to pop up elsewhere. ¬†Just a few days after I wrote “Labels are for jars not people” I read that architect Russel Walden has described me and my neighbours as “middle- class conformist rednecks” (Oh, Futuna Your Weekend March 12 2011) because … More “Labelled – I Am A “Middle Class Conformist Redneck””