Future Proofing

Futureproofing – Part 1 I began writing these posts for my children. I wanted to share with them the things that we weren’t likely to talk about over dinner, or at family gatherings or just hanging out. I wanted to tell them how special they are to me, how essential to who I am, how … More Future Proofing


“Storytelling is how we survive, when there’s no feed, the story feeds something, it feeds the spirit, the imagination. I can’t imagine life without stories, stories from my parents, my culture. Stories from other people’s parents, their culture. That’s how we learn from each other, it’s the best way. That’s why literature is so important, it connects … More Storytelling

“Peter Is In Christchurch Looking For A Way Home”

Peter had two meetings in Christchurch yesterday morning and flew down for a quick morning’s work. He was at the airport waiting for his 1.30pm flight back to Wellington when the earthquake struck. His work colleague who lives in Christchurch was in Queenstown at the time and began a long drive home. Peter managed to … More “Peter Is In Christchurch Looking For A Way Home”