Building Nests

I spent the weekend in Auckland. My daughter and her fiancé have bought a house and I was more than just a little curious to see it .. (Incidentally, you know that you’ve grown up when your own children are all either married or engaged. I know it’s a cliche, but where did the time … More Building Nests

“Labels Are For Jars, Not People”

The use of labels to describe someone has irked me for some time. I would variously describe myself as womanly, paraplaegic, mother, christian, feminist, humanist, able … the list has changed over the years and I expect will change again.  Some labels seem to be mutually exclusive. Priorities change. Meanings change over time. Perceptions change. … More “Labels Are For Jars, Not People”

Sons and Daughters

“Your first swan. Your first day by the sea. Your first walk through a field of spring flowers. The first time you heard and loved Chopin. In sharing your childhood discoveries, I have relived my own.” – Marion C. Garrety My first children were twin boys who were outgoing, funny, gentle, clever and curious. They … More Sons and Daughters

Images and Memories

“By means of an image we are often able to hold on to our lost belongings.” – Colete. The  same day that I read this my son joked that the rooms left empty by adult children were full of photos and ghosts. The synergy of these statements started me thinking how important it has always … More Images and Memories

An Empty Nest

Today my daughter’s “things” were picked up by the removal men and will be trucked up to Auckland some time this week. And so we have another empty room to mark this very significant change in our lives as the last of our kids leaves home. It seems an event worthy of some greater rite … More An Empty Nest