My Artwork and Calligrams

Welcome to my gallery of original artwork. I work mostly with watercolours so when I became interested in calligraphy I combined my love of painting with lettering and words and became fascinated with calligrams. The word calligram means “beautiful writing”, probably because the letters and words are arranged into an image. It is sometimes called concrete poetry. I prefer to describe it as visual poetry.

My strongest interest remains with watercolour painting, especially an impressionist style created through a wet in wet technique. I now reproduce some of my paintings as prints.

Section One  consists of some of my paintings. You can find more of my paintings and prints for sale at

Section Two consists of a few of my my calligrams.

Section One: My Paintings and Prints

Elephant blue matte


SECTION 2: A few of my calligrams

Calligram – Reach For The Stars (from “Wired To Walk – One Year On)

Reach For The Stars

Calligram – Music Breaks My Heart (from “The Power of Music”)

Music Breaks My Heart Into Happy Pieces

Calligram – Music Sets Fire To MY Soul (from “The Power of Music”)

Music Sets Fire To My Soul

Calligram – Music Sets My Heart on Fire (from “The Power of Music”)

Music Sets My Heart on Fire

Calligram – Music Is A Whirlwind (from “The Power of Music”)

Music Is A Whirlwind

Calligram – The Dictator (from “The Dictator Within“)

The Dictator

Calligram – The Real Voyage of Discovery (from “The Real Voyage of Discovery”)

The Real Voyage

Calligram – A Journey Of A Thousand Miles (from “One Step At A Time”)

Journey Of A Thousand Miles …

Calligram – Life Is A Gift (from “Addendum to I Am What I Think and Do”)

Life Is A Gift

Calligram – Just Another Dream (from “I Am What I Think and Do”)

Just Another Dream

Calligram – I Dream Therefore I Am: (from “I Am What I Think and Do“)

I Am What I Think And Do

Calligram – Lost in the music: (from “Lost In The Music“)

Calligram – One more for Valentine’s Day: (from “A Rose For Valentine’s Day“)

Valentine’s Rose

Calligrams – For Valentine Day: (from “Calligrams For Valentines Day“)

Heart On Fire

For Valentine Day

What Is Love


Calligram – Adversity, Forging Steel In Great Heat

A Christmas Calligram (from “A Christmas Calligram”)

Blood Diamonds (from “Blood Diamonds – Not All Diamonds Are The Same“)

Blow Your Own Trumpet (from “Calligrams – Visual Poetry”)

Let Your Heart Sing (from “Calligrams – Visual Poetry”)

Blowing Bubbles (from ” Calligrams – Visual Poetry”)

Reach High Dream Deep (from “Calligrams – Visual Poetry”)

Destiny (from “The Power of Visual Poetry – Destiny”)
The following two images are meant to be viewed together:

Section Two: Paintings and Prints



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