Tivoli – Hadrian’s Villa – Villa d’Este

Tivoli – Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este  Wednesday 29 August I’m so excited!  Villa Adriana sprawls over the area of ten football fields. In the second century Hadrian built his “villa” as a pleasure palace for him and his young lover.  It’s amazing how much remains and how much is still being excavated. At the … More Tivoli – Hadrian’s Villa – Villa d’Este

Prague – Day 5

Monday 27 August We  haven”t yet seen the inside of the Old Town Hall, or St Clements church. We’d like to see the inside of St Salvatore in the daylight, and climb at least one of the Charles Bridge Towers.  It’s early so we  make for the bridge. I walk over it, then up the … More Prague – Day 5

Prague – Day 2

Friday 24 August We’re going to spend all day exploring Prague castle. We catch the tram up the hill and enter through one of the many gates. First though we watch the changing of the guard. It’s great to watch the precision marching and the drill.  I want to see the palaces that are supposed … More Prague – Day 2

Travel Is A Bug

More than a week after returning from Europe I still feel as if I’ve lost something, but I’m not sure what. Perhaps it’s the stimulation of doing something new and interesting every day. Perhaps it’s the company 24/7 of someone who shares my new interests in art history and architecture, who enables me to explore … More Travel Is A Bug

Europe Ahoy!

I have been so consumed with resolving issues arising from sudden and unexpected health problems that I have had no time or head space to think about the glorious adventure that lies ahead for us – traveling through Europe! Sixteen sleeps and we’re on our way! This weekend is almost totally devoted to researching the … More Europe Ahoy!