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Well, well, well … I saw the surgeon on Friday so he could assess the damage and review repair options to my nether regions.

It’s difficult to believe that I am writing about an aspect of my health that would usually be firmly locked away in a figurative box but I remind myself that this is the beginning of a travel blog. So now you have the first clue that, yes, we are going to Europe, albeit with a very tiny risk.

Everything is healing, so no surgery for at least three months, if ever. The surgeon said, “Go to Europe. You’ll be fine, and if you do need any medical help, the procedure is so quick and easy it’ll cost you just a few dollars if your insurer excludes it from your policy. Go.”

Well, the bad news is the insurer has excluded this as a pre-existing condition because further procedures might be required. So if anything does happen to it while we’re in Europe, we have to pay for treatment ourselves. The good news is that the surgeon is confident that i’ll be fine. The really good news is that the insurer has maintained cover for my spinal cord injury as a pre-existing condition.

So in four weeks we expect to be gone … First stop, Berlin!


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