5 Days After Carpel Tunnel Surgery

Five days after carpel tunnel surgery I have:

Walked along the waterfront using a gutter frame, twice

Transferred independently from the bed to to wheelchair and back

Transferred independently from the wheelchair to the gutter frame and back

Transferred from the chair to the floor for a bit of crawling

Stood up from the wheelchair to stand up at the bathroom vanity

Emptied the leg bag myself

Done standing exercise ….

Plus all the other things that anybody can do after carpel tunnel surgery:

Used a fork and spoon easily

Tied my shoelaces

Taken off my socks and shoes

Placed the Odstock electrodes after having retrieved them from their ziplock and zipped bag, then remove them and put them away

Squeezed and pinched my fingers and thumbs

Made a fist … And heaps of other things like cleaning my teeth, wiping my face, combing my hair, putting on moisturiser

Every day everything is stronger, but there are a few goals that will be a little way off, like being able to put my all weight down through my hands on to the crutch handles – that will likely be the final challenge!

Whew! So far, so much better than I had expected!

My surgeon didn’t refer me to a hand physiotherapist or give me exercise to do after the surgery so I found some good web sites to help me.

9 thoughts on “5 Days After Carpel Tunnel Surgery

  1. I have just stumbled – no, not literally – on to your Carpel Tunnel blog.
    Wow! You are inspirational. I had cancer last year, and recently received a clearance. This I put down to an incredible surgeon, and to guidance into healing using among other things, “attitude”. I was told it was the ‘e’ not the ‘a’ that mattered. You must have a whole heap of “e’s”.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. fredinthegrass, you must be excited to have received the clearance! When things like this happen you realise that every day matters, and that being happy is a choice … And that maybe, just maybe, you can do something with the time that you have. Thanks for commenting, you remind me of what’s important.

  2. Wow! you really remind me to keep hope alive,I stumbled on your blog guess it was meant to be the only sad thing is wishing I had the opportunity and support like you never the less i’m going to keep looking up thanks for that reminder..

  3. Thanks for reading. Healing has been so fast that after only a week I’ve been able to use a knife, something I was told would take about ten days. I now have so much dexterity that I was able to get rid of the urine bag and I think that in another day or two I’ll be able to do all my personal cares .. And the stitches haven’t yet come out! Putting weight through my crutches is going to be the biggest hurdle. Until I can do that I’m going to need help with stretching, showering and getting out of the house. Still, I’m excited about what I can do.

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