Italy – Florence to Venice

Friday 7 September

Peter now has no difficulty driving around Florence. We are soon on the motorway where the traffic is heavy and slow. Once it opens up cars start moving really quickly. Peter is doing the speed limit, 130k, and is being overtaken. He speeds up and is still being overtaken. He tells me eventually that he has been driving at 180k!!!!! Over a hundred kilometres of motorway has cost us 6euro 80c. I think that that is a pretty inexpensive opportunity to drive at a speed he is unlikely to ever drive at again …

We approach the Bologna interchange. Spaghetti junction as in a very big bowl of spaghetti (spaghetti bolognese?). Peter threads his way up and round and down and across and up and back  and around and around and up and over and across and under… Good job!

We are no longer driving through the hilly roads of Tuscany, the land is flat as far as the eye can see.

We see some interesting sights. Trucks with number plates from Slovenia, Hungary, Romania …  And a little scooter with pillion passenger doing 120k!

Another 100km and we are approaching Venezia! (10euro 70c for this stretch of motorway – 17euro 50c tolls from Florence to Venice and about three hours of mostly straight roads with a few hold ups). The secondary roads would be prettier, but take much longer to drive.

We are staying at a Novotel hotel on the outskirts of Venice, because it will take us only about twenty minutes to get to the airport in the morning.  Horrible sterile hotel. Noisy sterile restaurant. Still, it’s only one night.

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