Seize the Day – We’re On Our Way!

Seize the Day – We’re On Our Way!

Wednesday 22 August
We’re on our way!
It’s hard to believe that in only a few weeks I’ve gone from asking Peter    a hypothetical question “Where would you go if we ever went back to Europe?” to sitting in Sydney airport waiting for the next leg of our journey to … well … Europe!

It’s been like surfing a giant wave.  Once I’d realised that the timing of my carpel tunnel surgery was something of a circus, paused the merry-go-round, and decided to step off for four weeks, we were paddling like mad to catch that wave. Where? How long? What to see? What to do?Flights, accommodation, research … Whew!

And I am SO glad we threw all caution to the wind. I found out yesterday that the surgeon still hasn’t made the request for ACC to fund surgery. The date for surgery has moved from July, to August, to September, and if it doesn’t happen by the end of September, it won’t happen til next year! So instead of feeling disempowered by the uncertainty, I’m punching the air, “YES” what will be, will be, but I’ll be in Europe!

So here we are, sitting in Sydney airport … Next stop Abu Dhabi!

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