State Assets – To Sell or Not to Sell

Is anyone else puzzled by poll results that show most New Zealanders don’t want the sale of state assets, yet most New Zealanders will vote for a National government?

It doesn’t add up. JOIN THE DOTS NEW ZEALANDERS. If we don’t want state assets sold, then don’t vote for the party that wants to sell state assets.

If New Zealanders are thinking we can have it both ways, that retaining a majority share of fifty one per cent in state assets means that we’re not really selling the assets, then think again. Minority share holders have rights, particularly those holding over twenty five percent. Their ownership cannot be prejudiced by the decisions of the majority share holders. RETAINING A FIFTY ONE PERCENT SHARE IN THE ASSET MEANS WE HAVE SOLD THE ASSET.

And another thing. Ninety per cent of New Zealanders don’t want our farms sold to foreigners. Yet the party most likely to allow the sale of New Zealand farmland is the National party. Where is the logic?

Once I was a green National. But I believe the state should retain full ownership of it’s assets, and productive land should stay in New Zealand ownership. The argument for majority ownership of fifty one per cent by New Zealanders is even more flimsy when it comes to land ownership. It’s too easy for greedy New Zealanders to have a two or three percent ownership then sell their vote to the

minority share holder. Now I’m plain green.

But what really bothers me is not the colour of people’s politics, it’s the lack of logic, the inconsistency, the stupidity of saying “I don’t want our state assets to be sold” then in the next breath effectively saying “I’ll vote for the party that will sell our state assets”

3 thoughts on “State Assets – To Sell or Not to Sell

  1. When you vote you consider all sorts of issues. The polls are saying that inspite of reservations about asset sales, most people prefer National.

    The alternative to asset sales is more debt or less capital investment neither of which would be good for the country.

    I’m active in the National Party. That doesn’t mean I support all its policies 100% but that its philosophy and most policies are closest to mine and I think it will do a better job of governing overall than any of the alternatives.

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