Europe Travel Log – Barcelona to Wellington via Munich, Hong Kong and Auckland

Europe Travel Log – Barcelona to Wellington (via Munich, Hong Kong and Auckland)

My wheelchair is packed away, on its way to the aircraft hold in Barcelona!

No more wheeling … No more gloves … No more filthy gloves … No more dirty hands … Ahhh … Clean hands …

I have a love hate relationship with the wheelchair. I have walked around Venice and Florence where the public transport has literally dropped me where I have needed to go. But to explore bigger cities I have needed the wheelchair. Even the push rims get dirty, my gloves get dirty, my hands get dirty.

My relief at having clean hands is immeasurable!

Goodbye Barcelona, hello Munich (for all of an hour or so!)

At Munich I am met with a golf cart. The driver is much more sedate than the drivers at Singapore and Frankfurt. Much less fun. She only beeps her horn once.

True to the German reputation of efficiency, twenty minutes later we are picked up from the lounge by another golf cart and driven less than one hundred metres so we can wait for nearly an hour with all the plebs, rather than the patricians in the lounge. What the heck?

Oh well, there’s always the lounge at Hong Kong to indulge ourselves!

Where Munich used a golf cart to go fifty metres, Hong Kong uses a wheelchair to go from one end of the terminal to the other!

Now we’re in the Thai lounge and they’re very helpful and friendly. Despite it not being breakfast time they manage to find me the muesli I crave. What a benchmark in customer service!

The flights back to New Zealand are more relaxed than the flights to Europe. When I left New Zealand I had done everything I could think of to manage potential problems with my health. This should have eliminated all anxiety, however, I didn’t want any health issues to interfere with our “grand tour”. It took a little while to relax and focus on having a good time. Also, one of my biggest concerns was how my body would react to sitting confined … No stretching, no walking … No problem – no spasm, no pain!

So knowing that i can tolerate long flights of eleven hours or more is great. It opens the door to more travel! So kids, no inheritance, but come fly with me and Peter!

One thought on “Europe Travel Log – Barcelona to Wellington via Munich, Hong Kong and Auckland

  1. so glad that you had a wonderful trip and long flights went well. dont forget if you ever need an accompanying nurse on your future travels

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