Europe Travel Log – Rome To Paris

Rome To Paris

Saturday 10 September

We are heading to Paris!

We take the fast train from Rome to Florence to Bologna to Milan. The train really is fast. The monitor that shows our speed sits on a fairly steady 300km/hour, we see it hit 303k!

Once again Sala Blu has been helpful.

In Milan we ready to board the train to Paris! Uh oh ….. There is no first class carriage, it is “broken”. We are taken to a compartment that has six chairs, three on each side. This is not looking good. The guard is flustered. People have been displaced and reassigned compartments that are already occupied. He shows us how to convert the chairs to beds. There are four very narrow beds, three on one side, and a fourth very high on the other. The guard gives us some sheets. We can’t work out how to use them. Another passenger tells us they’re used as sleeping bags! Well, like that will work for me! Peter places a sheet on the bunk. I must sleep on the bottom (obviously) but there is no head room and Peter has to swing my legs up as I lie down. He puts another sheet on top, then a rug. I feel pathetic, being put to bed … It’s cold.

There’s no breakfast in the morning, the coffee maker is “broken”. The holding tank for the toilet is also “broken” … There is a nauseating stench …

The guard signs our ticket so we can request a refund.

Sala Blu has again come up trumps … We had requested the help of a porter to help Peter with the luggage. A porter arrives with a small hydraulic platform to lower me to the ground.

We are on our way! Paris!


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