Europe Travel Log – Vienna to Venice

Overnight Train Vienna to Venice

This is a wild ride. There are three high steps up to the carriage and one of the train guards (they all seem to be women) immediately realises that the besy way to help me on board is to lift my left leg up each step for me. Perhaps she has a second job as a physio! The train corridor is too narrow for the wheelchair, so after bringing in our luggage Peter dismantles it and brings it in piece by piece. The guards seem grim but are really helpful.

The sleeping compartment in this Austrian train is even smaller than the Czech train (overnight Berlin to Vienna). There are no showers, just two toilets … And that’s where the fun begins.

A disabled person needs to be optimistic, creative, and a problem solver (ahem, pat self on back). I can barely squeeze in, my crutches and feet get in the way of shutting the door, but a bit of clever thinking sorts it out. It’s incredibly noisy in there, especially as we go through tunnels. And it shakes, rattles and rolls. I’m sure if OSH had anything to do with it we’d be issued with ear plugs. There’s the sound of huge bangs … I eventually realize that its the sound of rocks being flung up under the floor. Undertaking personal cares is challenging.

Surprisingly, despite the noise and jarring, we sleep well. Another day, another country, another city.

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