Europe Travel Log – Overnight Train Berlin to Vienna

Overnight Train Berlin to Vienna

This is an adventure, a pleasure. I can’t recommend the overnight train strongly enough. We have a sleeping compartment for two with bathroom, complete with tiny shower, a few metres down the corridor. We have a picnic dinner and settle in for the night after watching the sun set … Best hotel ever … Best transport ever …

We’re woken with tea, coffee and croissants, and have breakfast as the sun rises.

It’s 24degrees in Vienna at 8.20am

Notes on Accessibility

It’s not. There are three high steps up into the carriage over a worrying gap that drops to the tracks below. No way do I want to drop a crutch down there. I walk to the compartment, Peter pushes the wheelchair behind me, the wheels scraping the walls as it goes. If it were 2 mm wider it wouldn’t fit. It would have to be taken apart and carried in pieces, one at a time, and there’s still the luggage, and no-one really to help. My wheelchair is 14″, most are at least 16″. I’m certain that Peter is at least as glad as I am that I’m small. Reminder to self: don’t put on weight.

The bathroom is great, with bars I can hold onto as the train rocks. The shower is accessible, the layout good for personal cares.


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