Travel Log – Singapore Airport

There are advantages flying when your mobility is impaired:

Most fun moment – hurtling through the concourse in a golf cart driven by a madman, weaving through the foot traffic who jump out of the way … But we hardly hear their apologies because we’re already a few hundred metres on, wind blowing through our hair (well, mine anyway.) No OSH here!

Most whoops moment – eating my way through a huge plate of salad in the airport lounge, and suddenly wondering it’s contents had been washed, and if so, in clean water? Oh well, I’ll soon find out …

Most disgraceful (ungraceful moment) lying on my back on the floor of the lounge with my feet up on a chair. There is a reason, but still, it’s hardly dignified is it.

Most worrying moment – it’s an hour after the man in the golf cart said he’d be back to check us in for the next leg, to Frankfurt … Could be a problem …

To Be Continued!

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