Icy Roads Conquered With The Help Of A Neighbour

The once in a lifetime snow in Wellington coincided with an early appointment I had at Wakefield Hospital. I live in Karori, one of the hill suburbs hard hit by snow, but my appointment was in Newtown, where the snow never settled.

This morning the snow had turned into hills of ice and vallies of black ice. The windscreen and rear window of my car had at least three inches of ice! My plan was to turn the motor on ten minutes before i left and defrost the windows … Immediately foiled by my crutches skidding on the icy steps and me on my hands and needs.

Then my knight in shining armour appeared. A wonderful young man who turned my car motor on, scraped the ice off the windows (oh, his poor cold hands …) then retrieved my ski outriggers from the garage so I could walk on the ice to my car, all the time gently trying to dissuade me from driving – he’d rung the council and been told that it was unwise to drive in our part of the world.

But my appointment was a final check before I leave for Europe, too important to ignore.

I put my car in low, backed slowly out of my car pad, carefully turned downhill, round the corner, and immediately knew I’d make it. Hurrah!

Traffic on the main roads stopped for cars easing out of icy side roads. The snow and ice definitely brought out the best in people.

Then “tres horreurs”, a phone call from the surgeon I was to see in fifteen minutes! He also lives in Karori, but wasn’t prepared to take on the ice!!!!

Still, he eventually got into his office, and made space in his busy, busy, busy day to see me.

So, ten out of ten for this cripple’s bravery and driving skills; ten out of ten for my magnificent old Corona; and twenty out ten for my saviour neighbor!


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