Europe Ahoy!

I have been so consumed with resolving issues arising from sudden and unexpected health problems that I have had no time or head space to think about the glorious adventure that lies ahead for us – traveling through Europe!

Sixteen sleeps and we’re on our way!

This weekend is almost totally devoted to researching the cities we’re visiting. We want to prioritise our sightseeing and I need to research accessible transport and attractions.

I have a brand spanking new wheelchair (I’ve hardly used one for about six years) because I’ll need to be able to cover distances at speeds over 1.5pm per hour! I’ll have my bionic walking device with me too because there are some places that wheelchairs just can’t go, and because I need to walk for at least an hour every day to stay mobile. Besides, strolling down the the Champs Élysées is just far cooler upright! Somehow, I think that Venice will be easier to negotiate walking too.

However, when speed and distance count, I’ll be spinning the wheels. Message to other half: I hope you’re fit enough to keep up with me in my wheels!

We leave August 21st. First stop Berlin …


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