Quick and Dirty … Implications and Complications

Last week I had a quick and minor surgical procedure to drain an abscess. At the time it was simply a minor inconvenience, but now it’s a ticking time bomb with the potential to derail a much anticipated and longed for holiday.

We have spent the last six months or more planning (and longer saving) for a trip around Europe… Berlin, Vienna,Venice, Florence, Rome, Paris, Loire valley, la Rochelle, Bordeaux, Barcelona.

And now our travel insurer may not cover me because of this minor procedure.

I see a surgeon tomorrow to see what he can do to make me “fit for travel” and assessed ok to be insured. We are scheduled to leave august 21st so there isn’t a lot of time, and it’s possible that this silly little issue, may mean I can’t ever be insured for travel … Yet I my spinal cord injury has been approved as a pre-existing condition!

The only good news right now is that the insurer will reimburse costs incurred to date.

So, fingers crossed, positive thoughts, prayers … Please offer up whatever you believe might appeal to or appease a higher power …

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