Wierd Things I Have Around The Home. Wierd Thing #4: Intelligent Rubbish Bin

I have just taken delivery of the most marvellous domestic invention. I am not usually impressed by kitchen implements – or any home gadget – but this is a wonder to behold.

I have acquired a rubbish bin that, when you wave your hand over it, it opens! Is it magic? Is it science fiction? Whatever it is, I can now put my rubbish in a bin without falling over; and I can put it in the bin, not near it, or not so near it.

And if anyone tells me that they’ve seen this technology before – shame on them for not telling me sooner. Trying to open a rubbish bin while balancing on crutches, holding on to a piece of rubbish, then flinging it in the vicinity of the bin is just plain dangerous … and messy.

Oh, and it closes itself too!

Self opening rubbish bin saves cripple.

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