Life On A Treadmill Is Anything But Boring

My physio came to the gym today to film me walking. First I walked with a dictus and then with FES (yep, bionic woman) to compare the difference in gait pattern. The dictus lifts my foot at the ankle then I swing my leg through while I go up on the toes of my other foot. FES lifts my foot at the ankle, helps bend me bend at the knee, and I can swing my leg through while keeping the other foot flat on the ground. FES wins hands down! And it takes so much less energy to walk!

So, while I had my physio in the gym, I asked her to help me get on the treadmill to see if I could walk on it using FES. (Not possible with the dictus). Wow! Wow! Wow! Ok it was at 1km/hr, and after 10 metres my leg was scuffing, but i was walking normally! And after a half minute rest, I could do it again with a normal gait. Rest, walk, rest, walk, rest, walk. Get off. Do something else. Go back to the treadmill. Fantastic. What a life!

2 thoughts on “Life On A Treadmill Is Anything But Boring

  1. I’m sorry that your niece has had to have surgery. Your family must have been devastated by whatever caused it.

    It seems so awful and sad when kids are unwell, but their resilience is amazing and their ability to find joy in tiny things rather than dwell on what’s wrong is inspiring.

    I’m so glad that she is moving. The plasticity of kids’ neural systems is well documented. Their central nervous system seems to be able to recover, compensate and accommodate in a way that defies scientific models … but then neurology is still a very primitive science.

    I’d suggest that the family learn as much as they can about the physio she is having now, continue it themselves, and push for intermittent monitoring and assessment with bouts of on-going physio for years. It’s unlikely to happen without someone driving it. I can’t stress enough how important supervised exercise and stretching is.

    It’s brilliant having people around her who are as excited as she is!

  2. !!! That’s fantastic, Denny.

    My wee niece (coming up to age 6) had major spinal surgery a couple of months ago, and now she can lift her feet, and crawl, and pedal the wheels on a tricycle. We’re all thrilled. There are months and months of intensive physio to go, but her delight in being able to move her legs is beautiful to see.

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