Bionic Woman!

This afternoon I was wired in every sense of the word!

This is a milestone, no doubt about it. With electrodes strategically placed on my left leg I was able to achieve a relatively normal gait … No hitching, no going up on my toes to lift my right leg up high to swing the other leg through, no heaving and pushing on my crutches to force my left leg through, no shoulder strain, no rotating, no leaning to one side …. And no dictus … Amazing!

Left leg bent at the ankle and knee, lifted at the hip, then took a step. I walked straighter, faster and with less effort. (Still with crutches of course.)

Awesome outcome.

I hope to trial it and see if the stimulus is maintained over time.

Big smiley face

8 thoughts on “Bionic Woman!

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  2. Great stuff!

    Just wire it up to the internet so random strangers can push a button and control your walking. You’ll be an instant sensation!

  3. Heather, thanks! More work today, then the games begin … My physio will help me get one through ACC … A few hoops to go through will be worth it though 🙂

  4. Deborah, children have two amazing attributes that we as adults could learn from. The plasticity of their neural systems – it’s a bit like letting ourselves get stiff as we get older because we no longer move like kids, see my post about living on the floor. We stop challenging our neural systems – use it or lose it.
    The other attribute is such optimism and vision that they can see no obstacles on their path to recovery, they just do it, happily and determinedly.
    I’m sorry you niece has had to go through this, but I’m delighted that she’s recovering so much! Best wishes to her!

  5. This all sounds so cool, Denny.

    While thinking about mobility, my wee niece had a dorsal rhizotomy a few weeks ago, and she’s doing amazing things. Lifting her legs instead of dragging them, crossing her legs, and best of all, riding a tricycle. Her squeals of delight as she made that bike go were wonderful to hear.

    It’s astonishing what modern medicine and technology can do. And the sheer determination that you, and my niece, have in abundance.

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