“Peter Is In Christchurch Looking For A Way Home”

Peter had two meetings in Christchurch yesterday morning and flew down for a quick morning’s work. He was at the airport waiting for his 1.30pm flight back to Wellington when the earthquake struck.

His work colleague who lives in Christchurch was in Queenstown at the time and began a long drive home. Peter managed to get a rental car and returned to Christchurch to make sure that his colleague’s wife and children were ok. He stayed the night with the family to make sure they were ok during the aftershocks. Their home has water and power returned about 9pm.

Knowing that Peter was ok, I spent the night watching the story unfold on TV. It is awful.

This morning Peter is still not sure how he will get home. Flights are full, and he’s unlikely to get a seat on standby. It looks like he will have to drive to Picton and catch a ferry to Wellington. That is, if he can get a sailing – apparently most people in his situation have the same idea.

At least he wasn’t in the CBD at the time of the quake, and he will eventually get home somehow. Unlike many people who will never get home, or those who have had to limbs amputated to be rescued from the rubble, or have other horrific injuries.

Still, I’ll feel better about it all when I know that he is out of Christchurch.


Peter made it home. best summed up in his own words. Peter’s text: “overwhelming sense of relief as plane doors closed”


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