Why do some people stop me and ask to pray for me, or lay hands on me?

Not a month goes by that people don’t stop me in the street and ask to pray for me, lay hands on me, ask God’s help to heal me. I feel as awkward and uncomfortable about it now as I did many years ago. However, I think I’ve finally worked out why I feel this way, and a few days ago when it happened again I smiled and firmly declined the offer and moved on.

In the past I had found it awkward to say no because I hadn’t formulated a reason that satisfied me, I only knew I didn’t want to be prayed over. Yet I believe in the power of prayer. I pray. I know that there are people who pray for me. I don’t necessarily believe that there is a power that will intercede specifically to answer my requests. Maybe this power will, maybe not. One important thing that prayer does is help me sort out what I really want, and what I can do about it. My mother used to say “God helps those who help themselves.” My praying can motivate and inspire myself, give me courage,  strength and some understanding of my journey.

People who approach me in the street have no humility or respect for the power of my own prayer, and the prayer and thoughts of others. I don’t like their arrogance that their intercession will achieve more than others, or their assumption that my prayers have not already been answered. I don’t trust their motives. I suspect that many approach strangers because it feeds their own sense what their spirituality means to them without considering the spiritual beliefs of others. This is offensive. I suspect that it feeds their need for power or affirmation of themselves and does more to nourish their own spirituality and faith than that of the person they’re approaching. In my heart I’ve always known that it’s not right. I think that it’s potentially disempowering and demeaning; it’s disrespectful and arrogant.  And that’s why I say no.

8 thoughts on “Why do some people stop me and ask to pray for me, or lay hands on me?

  1. I came looking to see if anyone else has had a similar experience.

    It comes from a good place but it still doesn’t sit well with me. I believe my struggle has purpose and when folks offer to lay hands on me it seems to ignore that. I don’t feel like less of a person; untill I encounter folks who feel compelled to pray for me. It actually hurts instead of heals. If you feel so compelled, pray in secret like he tells us in Mathew.

  2. hey can you please tell me which religion is that? happened the same to me in Athens, Greece. I heard something “Jesus” but only that

    1. Christianity. Jesus Christ was born in Palestine two thousand years ago. He preached a version of judaism that became known as Christianity. His teachings are recorded in the New Testament section of the Bible, particularly in the gospels. His birth is celebrated 25 December every year.

      1. Yes I know I am Christian myself… I’m asking about the instance where people got around you and started praying by touching you. I thought they were a different movement that practice christianity differently like church of jesus christ of latter day saints etc etc

  3. I believe that the word of God is not to be used for argument, but I believe that you have the wrong understanding of the concept of prayer. You see, when someone stops you to pray for you, it is God who places it in their hearts to give you a word from Him, often in the form of a prayer. When someone lays hands on you and prays over you, the simple touch is a catalyst for encouragement to keep marching onward. If I thought that I didn’t need prayer because my prayers were sufficient enough, that would be a form of arrogance. The Bible clearly teaches us that we are sanctified by Jesus’ blood; therefore, we are fellow saints along with other Christ followers, and Jesus told us to pray for one another (hence the word saints). And those are not my words, but Jesus’. God Bless you!

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