Images and Memories

“By means of an image we are often able to hold on to our lost belongings.” – Colete. The  same day that I read this my son joked that the rooms left empty by adult children were full of photos and ghosts. The synergy of these statements started me thinking how important it has always been to me to have photographs of my family, not just of important occasions but doing everyday things – dressing up, sharing moments, playing, eating, anything really.

It’s not that the house is full of ghosts, but the photos are immensely powerful images that take me right back to moments in time that I can feel and touch. Not only are they wonderful memories but they are images of transformations. It’s not that children are “lost belongings”, but during times of change, or times of boredom, these images can be calming, or they can be uplifting. I can hold in my mind’s eye images that sustain me and enrich who I am. These images are even more powerful because I have taken photos and made collages that hang on the walls. Not only do I have an attachment to the memories of the photos themselves, but also to the time when I made those collages.

Proust had a lot to say about memories too, and the triggers to those memories. Seems the French were on to something.

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