Seeing the Bigger Picture

“If you go biking in a beautiful day and see a rock on your path, don’t focus on it because if you do you will crash right into it. But if you look at all the beautiful scenery around you will easily change direction and avoid it.”

My daughter sent me this quotation thinking I would like it. I do. Sometimes when we are challenged by an obstacle to our dreams or goals, it can be easy to become obsessed with it and worry so much about it that we forget about everything else. We should enjoy every moment we have.

Not long ago I lost some mobility so that I had to use a walking frame in the mornings and evenings, a bench seat in the shower, a bed rail, and other aids to moving. I could have become despondent, but I kept walking and standing as much as I could and every time I walked I was thankful that I could still walk, no matter how slowly or for how long. And every time I worried about my mobility my daughter would remind me to enjoy still being up and walking. I’m walking much better again, and every time I go for a walk on the waterfront, or walk in the sun, I forget about “what if I can’t walk …” and simply enjoy those moments when I am.

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