Walking in Wilton’s Bush

Yesterday I decided that I should make the most of the walking ability I have now. Over the last six months, due to difficulties with spasm in my right hamstring, I have had huge difficulties walking, climbing steps and doing everyday things like taking a shower. Last month I had botox injected in my right hamstring (the first injection was in August) and I increased the amount of baclofen I take. Within a few days hamstring spasm lessened and walking was much easier. I had discussed with the surgeon in Burwood surrounding issues and agreed that I would need to use a wheel chair at times if I was to preserve my ability to walk. Walking puts enormous strain on my shoulders and if I can balance the use of a wheelchair with walking I’ll stay mobile for longer. I’ll also need more physio input for regular stretching and to improve my walking gait.

So I decided to go for a walk with my husband somewhere that can only be accessed by walking. It was beautiful in Wilton’s Bush. We were under the bush canopy beside a stream. We could hear tuis and other birds, and admire the beauty of the native trees and ferns. It was delightful. All the more so because although I’m walking more slowly than at the beginning of the year, my left quad (that had also been injected with botox) was loose and was not hyper-extending, but I was walking on  a bent leg. I hope to walk there again, and find other paths I can take and share the beauty of our bush with my husband.


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